Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Messing with ether-channels

No Etherchannel, one end isl, the other dot1q:
Results:  Trunk and lines showed up and up, no data would pass over line (could not get pings going)

Etherchanneled two ports, configured one Po interfaces as isl, the other as dot1q
Results: Portchannel went down, the ports on the side I changed to dot1q started trunking as dot1q even though I had hard coded them with isl.....I only changed the Portchannel interface to dot1q and it reprogrammed the individual ports in the channel groups encapsulation values!

I also tested those rules regarding what has to be in place for an etherchannel to form:
  1. Duplex settings must match
  2. speed settings must match
  3. Native Vlans must match
  4. channeling protocol

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