Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boson Practice Tests

Well, the last 2 or 3 nights have been dedicated to Boson practice tests.  I am scoring around 85 - 92 % on all of them, so I think that it is going well.  I need to take a couple more nights of practice questions to wrap my mind the topics, and then identify my weaker areas on the blueprint.  So far I should go back and look at:
  1. Basic qos configs (auto qos, etc...)
  2. VRRP, GLBP (protocol specifics, timers, etc..)  I can program these all day, but need to go over their details again.
  3. STP features ( I am pretty good here, but know that they will hit on it)
  4. MST
  5. Wireless (pretty good here too, but hey it's cisco.  They always seem to hit you where you least expect it)
  6. etherchannel gotcha's

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