Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost there....I can feel it!

Did a couple more practice tests tonight.  Downloaded the free Transcender demo for the test as well.  Only had like 20 questions, but they were still insightful.  I also went through the "Foundation Summaries" chapters 1 -8 in the BCMSN Off. Exam Cert Guide.  Got some good review of some things I had already forgotten :(  Its a fucking shame that a man can just remember everything!  Guess I should stop drinking while studying!  :)  Anywho...will finish up probably one more night of practice tests...then the foundation summary's...then a bit more labbing.  I think that I am going in to sit this beast not this saturday but next.  I also ordered the book Cisco LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development series).  Hell of a deal at like 15 buck...I was tired of reading the damn thing under google book previews anyhow.  Bastards..they always take away the pages you want to read the most.  But it will soon be mine, thanks amazon.  Alright, time for bed.  Update again tomorrow.

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