Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Week!

Started off tonight with a practice exam.  Got a 96%!  Happy about that.  After a long round of golf today, it was hard to get myself into the office to actually do some studying.  After the practice exam I went back through the voice section in the BCMSN Lab Portfolio.  I think I am actually starting to wrap my head around the auto qos thing.  Here were my main tasks for the lab:

Set up VTP
Set up VLANS
Set up etherchannels
Set up HSRP on 3 VLANS
Set up access layer devices
Configure auto qos on access-layer devices
Configure distribution devices to trust qos/cos information being passed to them from the access-layer

I through some STP stuff in there to even out the traffic flow (making the active hsrp device the root bridge for that particular vlan).  I am not going to dive into any config stuff tonight...just want to leave myself a note to remember the "mls qos" global command on the distribution switches.  This will configure all ports as "untrusted" in this respect.  We will then need to go through and trust the links to our access-layer devices with the auto qos voip trust command. 

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