Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Time

I finished up looking over all of the Foundation Summaries in the BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide.  Good little review actually.  I still plan on reading all the question/answers in the back of the book as well to finalize my preparations.  I DID book the test.  Date: Saturday September 12th.   So now I am in overdrive trying to fill in any gaps.  I have done alot actually over the weekend.  Studying qos again, and hitting the books for some theory review.  I also went to the Cisco Learning network and tried some of their practice exams out.  I found alot of glaring errors, and some common mistakes.  One however caught my attention, and I had to lab.  The question was something like, if two routers/switches in an HSRP group have the same priority, which one will become active?  The answer was the device with the highest configured IP address in the HSRP interface.  hmmm.... lab time?!?

I think so...

Upon further testing and configurations....this is not completely true.  You see...I set up 2 interfaces on two L3 switches.  Both in vlan 1, both with the default priority of 100.  The only time the higher IP address device took over active, was if it came up before the other.  Meaning I had to shutdown the other interface...and let the higher IP'd router take the active role.  It would not just take the active role over if the lower IP'd device was active and it was standby. (I cleared up my confusion posting a topic to  

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