Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back in the mix

Well, I am still not 100% healthy, but have been studying none-the-less.  As you can see I have started to add links to the blog.  Most are going to be direct cisco links to whitepages and topic areas for exams.  I pretty much blew away all the transcender tests scoring 100% on all their "compiled mock exams."  They were fairly straightforward and easy...I am not expecting the exam to be that simple.

I did do some labbing tonight, and really wrapped my head around the fairy simple technology that is VTP.  I just needed to verify some things, and I did.  I also went back over DAI in the cisco documentation.  Then I reconfigured VACL's on the rack.  Those seem pretty straightforward as well at this point.  At work I dove pretty deep into STP features, and re-read all of them (they could be of some use to us at work as well!).  Last night I got freaked out about wireless, and did some additional reading on LWAPP.  Again, I think that as long as I recognize that there is both control and data traffic on UDP ports 12222, and 12223, I should be ok.  The technology is not that difficult for me to identify with.

Lastly, I read some really good CCIE stories on IEOC.com.  And another techexam.net member passed his CCIE SP lab recently as well.  Hearing stories like this makes me realize that the goal is obtainable, it just requires a great deal of effort.  I still have hopes of 2011 being my year!  Oh ya, this saturday is my rescheduled BCMSN exam...hopefully this will place me halfway through my CCNP track!

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