Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSPF Virtual Link or GRE Tunnel

100th post!! woot! No really, heres another lab...let me know what you think.

Heres part 2 of this video...


  1. line con 0
    logging sync

    Those two commands will make it so that when console log messages pop up your text does not get cut off, makes it easier to see what you are typing when moving between modes or when interfaces come online.

  2. Hey great point! That is usually the second command I always run on a lab device! I noticed that on R5 as well once I had done it...ha
    I have a small text file on my desktop that actually does this:
    no ip domain-lookup
    line con 0
    logging sync
    no exec-time

    That is my initial setup file. Thanks for looking through it though...sorry Im not real good on tape!

  3. anybody tell me about GRE tunnel..

  4. @pankaj
    what do you want to know about gre?