Friday, August 27, 2010

LSA Propogation in Different OSPF Area's

Well I have been doing ALOT!  Reading a bunch more on OSPF, and hitting IGP redistribution really hard.  I made some video's tonight, mostly doing exactly what the title of this post says.  I goofed in the video, but learned alot from it.  Normally if I do something stupid, or miss something, I dont post the video...but here I felt like it could be a good learning experience for everyone.  It certainly was for a moment of humility on my part will hopefully teach someone, somewhere, a little more about OSPF :)  2 videos...P1 and P2.  I have found they are REALLY time-consuming to I might not post to many more in the future...they deter me from my studies a bit.  Here's the topology for this lab:

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