Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Core IOS Upgrades Today

So we updated our two Catalyst 6509's in preparations for the deployment of Cisco's Virtual Switching System next month.  Ran into a weird problem though...well not really a problem, but something funny that I wanted to share.  We all know that these guys parse your configs as they load, well our 6500's must have "parsed" too much.  When we attempted to log in through the console port we kept getting an:  % Error in authentication.  It did this about 10 times before it finally gave us the glorious username prompt.  Just a funny issue more than anything.  Anyone else ever heard of this?  Both cores did it...we upgraded to an SXI3 release.  BTW:  Here were are sup720 upgrade steps

1) TFTP'd the new ios into the sup-bootflash:
2) issued "boot system flash sup-bootflash:" for the new ios...used the "no" version to remove the old statement.
3) checked our boot variables with the show boot command.  Should show the path you put in above.
4) We currently run HSRP, so only for a brief moment was connectivity lost (reboot secondary, then primary).

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