Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well I am finishing off the 642-642 CBTNuggets today, and purchasing stuff of ebay for my CCIE home rack.  I am planning on using INE's topology, so I am building around that.  Here's what I am getting:

Device Type WAN LAN
R1 2620XM (2) WIC-1T FE
R2 2620XM (2) WIC-1T FE
R3 2611XM NM-4A/S (2)FE
R4 3640 (2) WIC-1T (2)FE
R5 3640 NM-4T (2)FE
R6 3640 (1) WIC-1T (2)FE

SW1 3550
SW2 3550
SW3 3550
SW4 3550
BB1 2620XM NM-8A/S
BB2 2509 (1) AUI Trans octal
BB3 2509 1 (1) AUI Trans octal


If its yellow I already have it.  The white ones I still need to get.  I am planning on selling (if he still wants it), my current desktop rack (12U) and 24-port 2950 to a co-worker.  I am pretty stoked, I think that its going to be a cool journey.

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