Sunday, February 21, 2010

Passed ONT, CCNP is complete!!!

Well, delayed posting, but I did past my ONT last Saturday with a 956!  My CCNP journey is now complete, and I am starting preparations now for my CCIE R&S studies.  I covered ALOT of material during my CCNP studies, some of which I am sure that I have forgotten.  So I will have to hit those topics again on my journey.  Now for my experiences on the test! Nothing was unexpected, everything on the blueprint was pretty much tested on.  I was a little disappointed that one area I studied pretty hard in had no questions on my test :( but such is life I guess.  Overall it was very fair, and the lab/sims were fairly straightforward and easy.  *But* they do test your knowledge on the matter!  Dont underestimate or under-read them.  It is important that you pay close attention to the question that they are asking, and answer it accordingly.  Also, wireless...ahhh wireless.  Just know your stuff, security, setup, etc.  They test on all of it.

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