Sunday, February 7, 2010

Been Quiet

I dont know if anyone actually follows this or not, but I've been a bit quiet lately.  Trying to re-read some of the areas in the book that I think I am a bit deficient in like wireless, wireless system specs, wireless security, etc...The little things like EAP, LEAP, EAP-FAST seem to be escaping me and I am not doing well at retaining them.  So, I scheduled my exam for this coming Saturday regardless.  I will hopefully cap my CCNP this weekend then, and move on to studying the things I have forgotten in lieu to my CCIE written exam.  Stay tuned, tomorrow I have drawn up a lab so that I can physically (using wireshark) see the differences in IPSEC tunnel/transport modes, and also go in-depth on the pre-classify commands (I saw a really good article on Cisco Ninja that I want to replicate). 

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