Friday, October 16, 2009


LSR - Label Switch Router
LIB - Label Information Base
LFIB (Action table) - Label Forwarding Information Base
PE - Provider Edge
LDP - Label Distribution Protocol
VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding

Placing the label = "Pushing" the lable
Removing the label = "Popping" the label

Control Plane - L3 routing exists here, label exchanging protocols LDP operates here
Data Plane -  "Forwarding plane", send data at L2/L3, and does the label swapping

I'm tired....

(config) ip cef
(config-if) mpls ip
(config_if)mpls label protocol ldp
(config-if)mpls mtu 1512

show mpls ldp neighbor
show mpls ldp bindings

Route Distinguisher - 64 bit tag prepened to IPv4 address and routes that works to identify a particular customer (i.e. "customer1", "cust23")
Route Target - allows a customer to belong to multiple vpns....need to look more into this...

Good night...i'm exhausted from work and study and family

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