Friday, October 23, 2009

Cisco's EasyVPN Server SDM Setup & KISS

Went through the cert guide's chapter on easy vpn server setup, and IPSEC failover.  Probably need to read the IPSEC failover chapter again, but I got the just of it.  The easy vpn server stuff in the book was VERY vague, but the nuggets covered it well, and I worked along with my local router and SDM.  Split tunneling was a misunderstood issue for me, but now it makes sense.  Basically allowing a user to split the tunnel; the admin can say WHAT is secured through the tunnel, and what is still accessed via the users local  lan.  Cool feature that can be supported via ACL's. 

Then KISS, or keeping it simply secure....ha Here are the common security vulnerabilities described in the nugs...
  1. Physical
  2. Environmental/Maintenance
  3. Reconnaissance (sniffers, sweepers, scanners)
  4. Access attacks
  5. DOS
  6. Virus's/Worms/Trojans
  7. Management protocol attacks (telnet, ssh, syslog, snmp, tftp, ntp, etc..)
He discussed both the attacks, and mitigation techniques.  I should be able to remember these...we will see!

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