Thursday, October 15, 2009

ISCW Chapters 1, 2, 3

I went with the official exam certification guide again for this exam.  I have officially conquered chapters 1, 2, and 3...which I have to say were boring as shit.  All about SONA, IIN, and  cable/dsl technologies.   I also watched the Nugget vids on the topics as well, which in fact, cheered me up a bit about it all.  Also, went through a basic PPPoE config that went as follows:

int dialer [#] - (1-255) Creates the virtual dialer interface
ip address negotiation (negotiates with carrier for ip address)
ecapsulation ppp (designates encap type)
ip mtu 1492 (interstingly enough ethernet is 1500, but dsl adds an 8 byte header...this proves more effecient)
ip nat outside (do it here rather than the physical interface)
ppp authentication [pap/chap] callin (the "callin ensures that you are not authenticating the ISP)
ppp [pap/chap] sent-username [word] password [word]
dialer pool [#] - assign everything to a pool that you can reference on the physical interface
interface [physical wan connection]
pppoe enable
pppoe dial-pool-name [# from above dial-pool callout]
debug ppoe event
debug ppp authentication
show pppoe session

And that was pretty much it...except for the rest of the internal NAT stuff that remains to be completed.  Showed some good debug output in the videos, and hopefully this stuff will sink in...I will start labbing in about 1 week I think. 

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