Friday, January 14, 2011


Well as I have mentioned before I purchased Internetwork Experts CCIE v4 self-study package....damn.  This is the most challenged...and humbled that I have been since beginning my Cisco certification/career journey several years ago.  I originally hit the labs pretty fast and furious, and have in the last week really talked myself into slowing down...and going via best practice of reading the lab...drawing the diagrams, and trying to really understand whats going on in the network that I am working on.  Sometimes this is a bit harder than it sounds, especially when you hit a level 9/10 lab, with multiple points of mutual redistribution, ipv6, multicast, rip, ospf, bgp, ospfv3, security, management, and qos....gets rough.  But tonight I have had some epiphanies..slowing down and nailing task after task.  I should keep it like this for a while...when the foundation is in tact I will work on speed. 

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