Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well I cant even express or gauge how much time I have put into studying for the CCIE thus far.  I have my written scheduled, and just know that it is VERY soon.  I am, as always, a bit nervous going into the test...mostly because of the monetary costs, and it being the holidays and all.  Luckily my family and I are blessed enough to have the cash to put forward towards such a goal (some are not as fortunate).  Knowing this, when I do finally acheive my goal, I will aim to help others do the same.  I dont know how I will do this yet, maybe something like Stretch has done with a community lab or something.  Anywho, I feel pretty ready for the written, and am just reviewing my 80+ pages of typed notes, and refining them a bit as I go.  So, here is what I have used to study this far:
  • Routing TCP/IP volumes I and II
  • CCIE v4 Official Exam Certification Guide
  • ALL of my CCNP books
  • CCIE Routing and Switching Flash Cards (got these directly from Kevin Wallace's website for 25 bucks! He signed it and everything)
  • Boson Test Engine ($99 bucks, pretty good)
  • Internetwork Experts CoD and lab books ( I bought the entire CCIE self-study package)
We will see...I just need to hit up my weak areas some more, and I have an idea for a pretty cool poster/diagram.  For instance...going into today I couldnt really deliniate between a PIM DR, and the winner of the ASSERT process...after a bit of research I finally cracked open my Rtg TCP/IP volume II and just got the answer...(the little things like this are really helping).

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