Sunday, November 7, 2010

Progress towards the CCIE

Well I HAVE been chugging along for those of you following.  I came across this article by Petr Lapukhov over at INE,  Since I purchased the program, I figured it couldn't hurt to follow how they think we should use it :)  So I am coming up on my written day pretty date I have read the CCIE R/S official cert guide, and Routing TCP/IP volumes 1 and 2 (dont forget I did the CCIP., so I have most the QoS, BGP, and MPLS stuff under my belt already).  I am going back through these books now, and refining my notes and knowledge in prep. for the written exam.  It is mind-boggling how much stuff there is to cover.  I have been labbing frequently as well.  In the last week I have done these labs in INE's volume 1 Workbook:
The labs have been good, some simple, some harder. I have for sure covered all of them in previous years studying for other exams, but the technology or technique has left me over time (use it or lose it!).  So I am going to keep going along, revisiting BGP next probably, then back over to QoS one last time.  Hunting trip next weekend, but I will be reading at night.


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