Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tonights Woe's

Well after working on my studies all day, both reading and labbing, I fired the lab back up tonight to get another hour or so in.  Only to find out that my newly configured 2509 was not letting me in...it would boot, but would not let me execute any commands.  I savilly found out that through my aux port I could actually hit return...but I  hadnt set an enable password :(  So what the hell did I do?  Can you guess :)  I reloaded the thing, and entered the break sequence giving me the > prompt.  I went ahead and entered the following:
>o/r 0x2142
when it rebooted I did a copy start run, and then looked at my config....ah glorious, in my terminal server config I managed to do a no exec on the console line *dogh*!!!  I took that out, reset the config-register to 0x2102, and voila!  Good as new...and my heart stopped at the thought of telling my wife that I had yet another router to buy because one died!

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