Sunday, October 24, 2010

More IPv6

Well I cruised through most of the ipv6 stuff today in INE V1 WB.  Some stuff caught me off guard, others were unsupported by my version of IOS's, so I just studied the book and solutions well.  I have IPv6 capabilities on my catalyst 3550's, but even when I have them configured they dont work.  Like say I have a diagram like this:


I can configure the link for IPv6...doing a ping..the normal ND process shows the NS hitting the router...and he sends the NA back, but it is never received on the 3550.  I gave up and just used a router on the other side works.  I am also going to remove my time ticker..I quit keeping track to be was a hindrance IMO; and I ended up concentrating on it way more than I ever should have...numbers like that are arbitrary for the most part.   When I am ready, I am ready...point blank.

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