Thursday, June 3, 2010

Work, Work, Work

Been a while.  Sorry, last week took a CVOICE class with New Horizons under the guidance of a one Ken Peterson, CCIE.  Great instructor, and a fabulous course.  I am not that all into voice right now, but the material and labs were very interesting.  Cheers to the guys at .nil as well for their remote voice labs.   Those area a hard thing to pull off, and they did it well.

So I have been drudging through the MPLS fundamentals book with Definitive MPLS design "on-deck."  I have to say...the fundamentals book is kind of a hard read in my opinion.  I am definitely going to have to keep it close for reference as it contains alot of good facts.  I have now labbed full MPLS VPN scenarios twice, with both RIP and EIGRP running on the vrf's.  I have got my head firmly wrapped around the topics of RD's and RT's, so I have moved on to TE.  I will try to post some labbish' stuff shortly.  With networkers coming quick though, I need to wrap this stuff up fundamentals wise because I test on it the end of networkers week. 

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