Friday, May 7, 2010

Route Reflection Rules

I just wanted to go over some route reflection rules in my BGP preparations.  I did test all of these in my lab, and the real results I saw on my devices reflect what is depicted in these diagrams.  If you have any questions, or anything to say at all please leave a comment.

1. If the route is received from a non-client peer, reflect to clients only (will go to EBGP peers of the AS as well).

2. If the route is received from a RR-client, reflect to all non-client and client peers.

3. If the route is received from an EBGP peer, reflect to all clients and non-clients.

I guess it is a pretty easy concept, but labbing it up definitely helped my understanding out a bit.  Cisco also has some great links on route-reflection, but I also like this one:
Wiki dot nil route reflector link...

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