Friday, August 21, 2009

EtherChannel Labs in BCMSN Lab Portfolio

Ran through the labs in the BCMSN portfolio tonight concerning etherchannels. Fun little lab really. Simple, yet to the point. Went over the various modes:
channel-group [#} mode [active (LaCP), auto (PaGP), desirable (PaGP), passive (LaCP), on]

Actually did not have enough crossovers to do the entire lab with, but made my own little scenario up and used bits and pieces from theirs. Did some layer 2 etherchannels, along with a L3 channel using ip addresses on which to verify connectivity. Used the show commands:

show ether summary
sh ether [#]
sho ether load-balance

And configured different load balancing mechanims with the command
(config)port-channel load-balance [type]

Lastly, learned a cool interface command that allows you to statically define the protocol to use (either LaCP, or PaCP)

(config-if)channel-protocol [protocol]

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